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Accomplished dramatic artistry together with chiseled, athletic, "leading man looks," Serge Martinenko performs with compelling, expressive sensitivity. - Sharon Allicotti, artist


Dedicated to his craft, possibly one of the hardest working talents I know. Serge is always willing to learn by giving 100% plus of himself. He is a true treasure. - Divine Dawson, agent


Great presence and look. Took adjustments well and understood the beats. - Ai Dang, director




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I was born in Latvia. My first creative passion was music. I finished college with a Classical Guitar Professional degree but ended up behind a drum kit for the next 15 years. Moving to Los Angeles in 2013 was a crucial turning point, and opened up new opportunities for me. I started to model and then gradually transitioned into acting, which I began to focus on as a career. In addition, I found working behind the camera very useful for honing my acting craft. I am also involved in writing, editing, and producing short films and scenes to build up experience, and in order to create my own full-length features.

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